PL3-G6 10ft Curve Trade Show Display

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All Laminated Graphics Trade Show Display Kit (10ft)
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1 8mm (3x4) aircraft grade aluminum frame with locking spacer bars
7 hinged channel bars
4 laminate graphic front panels (1200 DPI)
2 round laminate graphic end panels (1200 DPI)
2 standard 150 watt halogen lights
1 4600 rotomolded all-in-one case with fabric case conversion
Made in the USA
Limited lifetime warranty
Warranty certificate
QuickStart setup instructions


Height: 2.40 m, 94.4"
Width: 3.02 m, 118.8"
Depth: 0.81 m, 32"
Total Weight: 87 lbs

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Price: $1,495.00

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